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The Date:
    Saturday, January 23, 2016
The Place:
    Handlery Hotel & Resort
    950 Hotel Circle North
    San Diego, CA 92108
The Time:
    Cocktails: 5:45–6:45
    Dinner: 7:00–8:00
    Program Meeting: 8:00–9:30
    Raffle and Auction: 9:30–11:00

The Cost:
    $45.00 per person

         *Includes parking fee

The Speaker:
    Dave Doody, Cal Tech/JPL Senior Engineer
    Topic: "The 20-year Cassini Mission and its Grand Finale in 2017"

Door Prizes - Keep checking back, we'll keep adding them as they come in
  • Orion Telescopes
    • AstroGoggles
    • Monocular
    • Planishere
    • Maps(Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars)
    • Centering Adapter
    • Meteor Kit
    • Binocular Adapter
  • OPT
    • TPO 6-inch f/9 OTA
  • Explore Scientific
    • 100 Degree 9mm Argon Purged eyepiece
  • Star Guy
  • -Vixen Optics
    • Gift Certificate
  • Bob’s Knobs
    • Gift Certificate


Program Details
Dave Doody

Dave Doody, Cal Tech/JPL Senior Engineer: "The 20-year Cassini Mission and its Grand Finale in 2017"

Dave Doody, JPL's Lead Engineer for realtime Mission Control operations of the Cassini-Huygens Mission, will touch on how we got to Saturn, describe mission highlights to date after a decade in the Saturnian system, and reveal plans for the mission's spectacular future. Starting in 2016, the Cassini Spacecraft will begin a daring set or orbits that will in some ways be like a whole new mission. First the spacecraft's closest approach in its orbit about Saturn will pass just outside the narrow, ever-changing F RIng. Next, a daring jump will provide twenty-two orbits that come in between the gas giant's atmosphere and its innermost rings, before plunging to destruction in Saturn's atmosphere. Join us for this unique opportunity to hear from someone who is directly involved with exploring our solar system.

About the Speaker: After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Dave Doody worked as an instructor for Japan Air Lines teaching Captains and First Officers of JAL. At the same time, he led an instructional systems development effort at the JAL flight crew training center. Having landed at Catalina Island after sailing the coast, Dave worked as a systems engineer there for three years before joining the NASA-JPL Deep Space Network in Pasadena to create instructional systems and training materials for operators of the worldwide spacecraft-communications systems. On completion of the Deep Space Network contract, Dave got his master's degree and then went to work on the NASA Voyager mission flight operations team while Voyager 2 cruised from Saturn to Uranus and Neptune. Flight operations on Magellan, the Venus mapper, then led to flight ops work on the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan, where he has been since 1994. All during the Voyager, Magellan, and Cassini mission operations, Dave has also been publishing in the technical and popular literature, teaching short courses, and speaking in public about space-flight related subjects. Once in a while you can find Dave playing sidewalk astronomer in Pasadena, offering free telescope views of the planets to passers-by. And once a year, Dave welcomes participants in his "Basics of Interplanetary Flight" seminar with Art Center College of Design Public Programs in Pasadena. Read Dave's weekly account of Cassini's activities in orbit at Saturn: Cassini News.


Dinner options:
Flat Iron Skirt Steak with seasonal vegetables
Roasted Chicken with seasonal vegetables 
Vegetarian Wellington
Dessert: Black Forest Cake