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SDAA Legal Documents

SDAA Articles of Incorporation
The SDAA Articles of Incorporation "Our Charter" (PDF, 23.8Kb)

SDAA By-laws
The By-Laws of the SDAA (PDF, 51.8Kb)

SDAA Site Acquisition Process v1.3.pdf
Official SDAA Site Acquisition Process Guide (PDF, 134Kb)

Loss Prevention Brochure 
Preventing Loss: Techniques for Non-Profit Organizations and Social Service Agencies (PDF, 2262Kb)

SDAA Payment Requisition Form
Form to request reimbursement or advance payment for SDAA related expenses (PDF, 178Kb)

Franchise Tax Board Tax Exemption Document

SDAA Articles of Incorporation Cover Page

SDAA Articles of Incorporation (1963)

SDAA Articles of Incorporation Amendment 1968

SDAA Articles of Incorporation Amendment 1971

SDAA Articles of Incorporation Amendment 1989

SDAA Articles of Incorporation Amendment 2014


Membership Documents

Membership Application Form
Printable form for applying through the mail for membership in the SDAA (effective 2/01/2010). (PDF, 97Kb)

Membership Renewal Form
Printable form for renewing SDAA membership through the mail (effective 2/01/2010). (PDF, 96Kb)

Full-color SDAA Brochure
Tri-fold color brochure for the Club, suitable for printing. (PDF, 238Kb)

Member Handbook
Informative booklet sent to every new member. (PDF, 501Kb)


Tierra Del Sol Documents

Rules for the Tierra del Sol Observing Site
List of general guidelines for conduct at Tierra del Sol and other SDAA properties. (PDF, 84Kb)

Tierra Del Sol Instructions
Step-by-step instructions for opening and closing the Tierra del Sol property. (PDF, 60Kb)

SDAA Private Pad Site Development Use Regulations-Revision C
Rules for developement of Private Pads (PDF, 28 KB)

SDAA Private Pad Regulations -Temporary Obsevatories
SDAA Private Pad Site Development and Use Regulations - Temporary Observatories (PDF, 22Kb)

Recreational Vehicle Use Regulations
Rules for using RV vehicles at TDS (PDF, 61Kb)

Directions to Tierra del Sol
Directions for getting out to TDS, where to park at the site, plus a Stary Party Survival Guide. (PDF, 130Kb)

Musselshell Observatory Guide
Directions for building the MusselShell Observatory (PDF, 371Kb)

Lumicon NGC Sky Vector Guide
Manual for operating the Digital Setting Circles on the Lipp 22" Club Scope (PDF, 144Kb)

Observatory Training, Use and Responsibilities Policy
Policy for the training and use of the 22-inch Lipp telescope. (PDF, 6Kb)

Rules for Star Parties
San Diego Astronomy Association Rules for Star Parties at TDS and other locations. (PDF, 82Kb)'s Star Party Survival Guide
Useful tips to help make the most of your Star Party experience. (PDF, 11Kb)

Tierra Del Sol Site Plan
Latest CAD drawing of the Tierra del Sol site, including all fixed features and Private Pad Sharers. (PDF, 142Kb)


San Diego County Use Applications/Permits for Tierra Del Sol

Original Major Use Plot Plan

Original Site Plan approved by SD County, 1976 (PDF, 12.8Mb)

Minor Deviation Plot Plan

Minor Deviation of Original Plot Plan Approved by SD County, 1994 (PDF, 15.8Mb)

Building Permitand/or part of Minor Deviation Application

Drawings of the addition of the enclosed rear section of Club Observatory (PDF, 18.8Mb)