TDS Clear Sky Chart

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TDS WebCam Image

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 SQM Readings
SQM Readings
  SQM Graph - Magnitude per square arcscond
SQM Graph
 SQM Graph - Naked eye limiting magnitude
NELM Graph

TDS Sky Quality Meter Readings (Sky Brightness)

Seeing Monitor

TDS Seeing Conditions

moon phase info
Satellite Imagery
NOAA GOES Geostationary Satellite Server
NOAA GOES Western US Infrared
NOAA GOES Western US Visible
NOAA GOES Western US Water Vapor
 SAN Radar
 Collected Weather Data
Campo Weather Data for last 24 hrs
Wunderground TDS Weather Station History
TDS Sky Quality Meter Readings (Sky Brightness)
Experimental San Diego Mesonet Station (SDM) NOAA