SDAA members are invited to join the club's active online discussions, via a discussion group hosted by Yahoo! Groups. It's a free, easy-to-use discussion group service. By joining the group, you will be able to exchange messages with the other 300+ group members, either through your personal e-mail, or by logging in via the Web and reading or posting messages.

Here's a message from the group's moderator, Michael Vander Vorst:

    I would like to invite you to come and join the San Diego Astronomy Association's Group at Yahoo! Group. This group is for the exclusive use of members of the SDAA. It serves as a bulletin board, email list, file sharing server and if we like, a chat room. Want to know who's going to the site a particular weekend? Here's the place to ask. Need to know when the next school star party is in your area? Check the Yahoo Group's Calendar. The more members we have and the more active the group, the more useful it will be. So take a moment to sign up for membership and check out our Yahoo! Group.

Just one word of advice, when you sign up, make sure to set your email preferences. You can set it for three different levels.

  •  No email, use the web to read postings.
  •  All email, you get a copy of each posting (could be a lot of email).
  •  A Daily Digest, one to a couple of emails a day containing all the postings for that period.

    Also, I respect your privacy, but in order to keep this group exclusive to SDAA members, I'll need to know your name before I will approve your membership and it's difficult to know who is who by email addresses and Yahoo screen names. So when you join the group, please follow up by sending me an e-mail with your real name, not an alias.

Thank you, and clear skies!

Michael Vander Vorst
Moderator, SDAA Yahoo! Group
San Diego Astronomy Association


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