Available Loaner Scopes

Borrow one of our scopes for a 3-Month stretch.

Shown below are the telescopes the SDAA has available for loaning out to the membership. Details of the scope are listed to the right of the picture. If you are interested in borrowing one of these scopes for up to 3 months, please contact the SDAA Loaner Scopes Coordinator. Loans are available to SDAA Contributing Full Members.  See the Loaner Scope Procedures for additional qualification and telescope pickup/dropoff information.

Telescope PictureTelescope Description
10.1″ Coulter Dobsonian
Weight: 65 lbs.
Focal length: 950mm
Focal ratio: 4.5
Primary: 1.125″ thick, 1/8th wave
Secondary: 1.83″
Accessories: Mirror transport box, 6x finder, Galileo Red Dot
8″ Meade LX-90 SCT
Weight: 70 lbs.
Focal length: 2000mm
Focal ratio: 10
Accessories: JMI electric focuser, counterweight T-adapter, 1.25″ diagonal, 8×50 finder, Deluxe Pelican carry case, field tripod with eq. wedg
Orion SkyQuest XT10i IntelliScope Dobsonian Reflector.
Features a 10″ (254mm) parabolic mirror with a long, 1200mm focal length (f/4.7).
The reflective optics gather 56% more light than an 8″ mirror.
2” focuser. Telrad. Two eyepieces.
Setting circles have been removed.
Meade 2080 8” SCT (Circa 1982)
Tracking wedge mount. Visual accessories include finder, 40mm, 25mm, and 9mm, Modified Achromatic eyepieces. Photographic accessories include Tele-extender for projection photography, off axis guider, and a drive corrector. Old school film gear.
Zhumell 8″ Dobsonian
The Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian telescope features an 8” parabolic primary mirror with a f/6 focal ratio and 1200mm focal length. A very versatile scope: small enough to pack in compact vehicles, but large enough to observe the entire Messier catalog with ease! Sports a 2″ focuser and a 50mm RACI finder scope.
Beginner Astrophotography Rig
6″ f/5 Orion Astroview telescope mounted on a Celestron CG-5 AS-GT.  This fully motorized and GOTO mount sits on a sturdy 2″ steel tripod and includes three counterweights (only one needed for the included OTA). Vixen style saddle. The OTA has a 1.25″ focuser with T-threads to accept your DSLR or mirrorless camera.  T-adapters for common DSLRs are included.  With a good polar alignment, exposures of 2-3 minutes should be possible.  Fast f/5 optics and short 750mm focal length make for a forgiving astrophotography experience.
Bushnell Voyager 8″ Dobsonian
Easy to set up and easy to transport, the Bushnell Voyager features an 8″ parabolic mirror with a f/6 focal ratio and 1200mm focal length.  This is a great scope to borrow if you have kids who want to learn to use a telescope.  It is rugged and super simple to use.
iOptron Skyguider Pro with Accessories
Easy to use sky tracker that can accept your DSLR, mirrorless, point-and-shoot camera, or a small telescope.  Includes everything you need (except the camera and lens) to start shooting deep sky exposures up to 10 minutes in length.  Includes heavy duty 2″ steel tripod, upgraded William Optics alt-az base with polar scope, dual counterweights, heavy duty ball head mount for your camera, and a William Optics Vixen dovetail saddle for small telescopes.  Also includes a Bahtinov mask to assist with focusing.  The whole set packs up in two small boxes, plus the tripod: super easy to transport to dark skies.
The OneSky telescope from Astronomers Without Borders features a 130mm paraboloidal f/5 mirror. With a truss tube that collapses to 14.5 inches in seconds and a total weight of just 14 pounds, performance and convenience are combined in one portable package.  This telescope is compact and lightweight so it’s really easy to take out and use any time there is a clear sky.  Take this scope camping!  The 5 inch aperture is big enough to observe hundreds of deep sky objects from dark skies.  Very easy to use: great for getting kids introduced to telescopes. Features a simple helical focuser and red dot finder.
Telescope PictureTelescope Description

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