Tierra del Sol Weather Conditions

Current Conditions at Tierra del Sol

Current Conditions From the TDS Weather Station and Sky Camera

TDS Clear Sky Chart

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TDS All Sky Cam
All Sky Cam
TDS All Sky Cam Panorama
TDS All Sky Cam Trailing Summary of the Day
Trailing Summary

TDS All Sky Cam Images

SQM Readings
SQM Readings

  SQM Graph – Magnitude per square arcsecond
SQM Graph
 SQM Graph – Naked eye limiting magnitude
NELM Graph

TDS Sky Quality Meter Readings (Sky Brightness)

Current Weather Information
Weather Underground Daily Data
Satellite Imagery
NOAA GOES Geostationary Satellite Server
NOAA GOES Western US Infrared
NOAA GOES Western US Visible
NOAA GOES Western US Water Vapor
SAN Radar

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