Tierra del Sol

Public Star Parties are held during the dark of the moon at the Association’s observing site at Tierra Del Sol.The schedule for these parties maybe found in the Events section of this website. The Club’s 22-inch Lipp Ritchey-Chretien reflector, as well as its newly acquired 8-inch D&G refractor, are available for club members and hosted during Public Star Parties for visitors.

Observatory Director Ed Rumsey periodically hosts a training class. You must be a contributing member for one year to qualify as a host, but anyone can attend the class. Hosting the telescope on the Public Star Party nights has several advantages–it gives you an opportunity to get to the site and use this fabulous instrument; an opportunity to interact with other club members; and most important, it provides one of the most valuable services the SDAA provides–bringing the night sky to the public. The look on a neophyte’s face or the glint of sheer joy in a child’s eye when they see the massive instrument for the first time, and then get to look through it at the wonders of the heavens, cannot be described. It must be experienced first-hand. If you are interested in hosting or are a host, contact the Observatory Director.

SDAA 22-inch Lipp Ritchey-Chretien reflector
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