May 15, 2024 Program Meeting

Topic: A Brief Introduction to Radio Astronomy and Some Powerful, Affordable Radio Telescopes You Can Put in Your Backyard without Irritating Your Family or Neighbors!

Speaker: Curt Kinghorn

The branch of Astronomy called Radio Astronomy uses radio waves instead of visible light to look at the sky. Interestingly, most of what we know about the universe comes from Radio Astronomy.

This presentation gives a brief introduction to Radio Astronomy, introduces projects (including participating in a worldwide citizen science project run by Stanford!) you can do with powerful Radio Telescopes that cost a few hundred dollars and can be set up in your backyard (without irritating your family or neighbors!) and will show you the results you can get (e.g., images of the spiral arms of our own Milky Way galaxy through the dust that blocks our optical view!) regardless of your skill level.

This meeting will be held via Zoom.

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  1. I am thinking of joining SDAA, however I would like to attend some of the star party’s before I join.

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